Please read everything on this page so that you are fully prepared. An easy checklist awaits you at the bottom of this page to check that you are ready for your shoot. ☺

Session Information

Location: Please refer to your agency or school for exact address details.

Please feel free to browse past client's headshots for hair & clothing ideas via the link below.

Actor headshot examples

Reviewing your images at the session

As sessions on a group day are limited for time, there won't be the opportunity to sit down and go through images as we would with a normal session. I will make sure to show you your images throughout the session so we can still review as we go while utilising every minute possible to get enough varied shots that you can review at home.

FAQ & T&Cs - hair, make-up, payment info etc

How much are extra retouches?

Additional retouched images can be purchased for £20 each. Discounts are available for larger orders. I am unable to release un-edited files.

How will payment work?

Payment methods vary for each school/agency that I visit.

Please refer to either myself, your agency or school for exact payment details.

What does the session fee cover?

The fee covers your physical photo shoot and the number of included digital edited images stated in the package you have chosen. Additional edited images can be purchased for £20 each. Discounts are available for larger orders. I am unable to release un-edited files I'm afraid as they don't reflect a true representation of my work. All images included in your package, or additional purchased images will be edited and provided in high-res without a watermark.

What clothing should we bring?

As these sessions are short, we will only be able to manage a few of the below looks. Please bring everything suggested below though just in case.

- 15 Min Session - 2/3 looks.
- 30 Min Session - 3/4 looks.

- Neutral (Plain t-shirt, preferably black or grey.)
- Young (Girls: T-Shirt & Dungarees or flowery top. Boys: Striped/Checked T Shirt).
- Period Drama (Girls: Off-White/Cream laced/patterned blouse. Boys: Plain or Smart-Cas Shirt).
- 70's/80's Drama (Think Stranger Things: stripy tee & two tone tee. Girls can add a scrunchy hair tie).
- Sassy/Soap Opera (Both: 1x Denim, Leather, Cardigan to throw over a plain coloured top).
- Soap Opera Option 2 (Both: Plain hoodie layered over a t-shirt.)
- Musical Theatre (Both: Bright coloured top, or pastel colours.)
Other items to bring: Complimentary headband, hair ties/scrunchies, hair pins, plain t-shirt to compliment hair and eye colour. NO BIG LOGOS OR TEXT. (Tiny ones are okay and easy to edit out.)

What should I do about their hair and make-up?

CHILDREN: Keep hair natural and off the face. Bring bobby pins & hair bands to change up hair-styles. Under 16's don't need to wear any make-up unless you think it may help any shiny skin etc. I will have translucent powder to hand if needed.

How should we prepare them during the time leading up to the shoot?

For the week running up to the shoot make sure you your child is getting some good sleep and hydration. If they are getting a hair cut, have it done the week before rather than the week of the shoot so it has time to settle. Keep their face moisturised running up to the shoot and use a clear lip balm every day and on the day to avoid dry lips. Bring lip balm with you! :)

What are your covid guidelines?

Personally I am much more relaxed now - masks are not required by parents assisting. As long as you all feel well and healthy - great!

If your child has Covid or any similar illness, please do not attend your session for fear of missing out - I will do my best to fit you in at my studio at another time to make sure you can still have your shoot, and have them looking their best! :) However, this privilege must not be abused and cancellations will only be accepted if they are illness related. If there are too many cancellations this may result in the day being cancelled due to lack of participants. There is also a chance that I might not be able to squeeze you in at another time at my studio, so please only cancel if your reason is illness related. Thank you.

Social distancing is very natural during photoshoots so we will naturally always be at a distance.

If you need help with hair I will pop a mask on and sanitize before assisting.

If you'd like me to wear a mask for your childs session please let me know and I will be happy to.

What if I am running early or late?

As sessions are booked back to back on group days, there will be no time for lateness. If you are late this will eat into your session time. If you are early you are welcome to find a nearby cafe or pub to wait in (if open). Just drop me a text to let me know you have arrived: 07767 753473.

What happens after the session?

Within 24 hours of the session I will eliminate any shots of closed eyes and upload all of the good proofs to an online gallery which is password protected. There you will be able to view all of the unedited images and make your selection. Image RAWS will be kept for 3 years and your gallery proofs will stay live for 6 months after your final images have been delivered. This can be uploaded again if you need to purchase any more. You will receive a notification before the RAW files are deleted in case you wish to purchase any remaining images. Your images may also be used on my website or social media pages as advertising to help spread the word. Please let me know if you'd prefer your images to be kept between us. ​Once you have your images you are free to use them for your own purposes. I am on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter so you are welcome to tag me in your uploads as credit is very much appreciated. Please contact me for guidance and terms if a magazine or newspaper approaches you to use the images.

What is your turnaround time?

Usual turnaround: It can usually take around 14 working days to get your edited images back to you. During extremely busy periods it may sometimes take a little longer and I will notify you at the time of image selection if this will be the case.

Express turnaround: If you need your images urgently there is an optional priority edit fee of £15 per image to speed up turnaround time to 48-72 hours. Please check with me to make sure I can manage this at the time of order.

How much editing do you do?

I take a lot of care in the editing process from the perfect crop right to the tiniest blemish on your skin. Spots will be removed along with stray hairs, dry patches of skin, and much more. If there is anything extra you'd like me to do just let me know and I can see if it is possible, (unless of course it's changing the colour of your eyes or something like that - keep it natural haha!)

Can I edit my own headshots?

As I pride myself on my branding and know exactly how a headshot should look then I do not allow any further editing on headshots once delivered to the client. This includes Instagram filters... ;) I would also recommend to refrain from sharing any unedited headshots in a professional context until you have received your final re-touched images.

How will I be able to use my images? Can I use un-retouched images from the gallery?

All final re-touched images either included in your package or additional purchases are yours to keep, print, use on social media, Spotlight, use in theatre programmes, turn into birthday/Christmas cards etc.

If you wish to share any screenshots from the gallery of un-retouched files to have friends and family help with choosing you are welcome to do so - please state that these are not your final edited images yet.

Please do not use un-retouched files in a professional context - this includes social media profile images. Only purchased images can be used once re-touched.

Thank you for your understanding and please let me know if you have any questions about further use of your images.

You haven't answered my question...

​If there's anything else you'd like to know just drop me an email at:

You can also reach me on WhatsApp at +447767753473.

final check list

Thank you for taking the time to read through everything. Here is my final check-list to help you prepare for your session;

  • Plan your journey to avoid being late.
  • Plan your clothes. Feel free to WhatsApp me with clothing photos for advice before your session (but not the night before as I might not see it in time) if needed or any last minute questions; +447767 753473.
  • Read FAQ'S & T&C'S for information on hair, clothing, healthy preparation etc.
  • Make payment in advance of your shoot - (please refer to either myself, your agent or school for exact details).

If you have any other questions please feel free to drop me an email at Stay rested in the week leading to your shoot and get excited! I look forward to meeting you!